No minimum order and carriage paid on orders over £400 net (Non Fragiles to UK Mainland)

Terms and Conditions

By Ordering from Flame Homeware you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

 Min orderMin invoiced value for carriage paidCarriage charge if under carriage paid
UK Mainland £0 £750*£25
Ireland, Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands, IOM, IOW£0£1000£40
Overseas orders (delivered to a UK port)£0£750£25
Next Day Pallet Delivery £15 / Timed Delivery £15* £150 if it's only jewellery
  • The first three orders are pro-forma and are raised when the goods are ready for dispatch. If payment is not received within 14 days the order will be cancelled. Items are correct at time of print, may be subject to change and remain the property of Flame Homeware until paid for in full.
  • Unless the customer has separate invoicing and delivery addresses, the invoice will accompany the delivery. We reserve the right to cancel back orders with a value less than £100.
  • Approved credit accounts are strictly 30 days. If exceeded, Flame Homeware reserve the right to charge 3% interest per month, charge for compensation for necessary debt recovery and alter account status to pro-forma. Customers will be notified of legal action by letter as a final communication from Flame Homeware.
  • For international customers payment is required prior to delivery to shipper and all bank charges must be paid by the customer on international bank transfers.
  • Deliveries are booked in prior to despatch. Customers must ensure personnel are able to accept the goods. Flame Homeware reserves the right to re-claim the cost of storage and/or re-delivery where the customer has failed to take the delivery at the agreed time.
  • Fragile Deliveries need be made on pallets and will be dropped off at a delivery point that is within sight of the couriers van.
  • Our products are hand made and customers must accept that slight variations do occur. Flame Homeware reserve the right to refuse to credit where only slight variations are apparent.
  • Claims for damages or missing goods must be reported in writing (fax, email or letter) within 72 hours of receipt to comply with our carriers' terms for compensation. Unfortunately claims requested later than the 72 hours cannot be accepted. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the Flame Homeware office has received the notification.
  • Customers must ensure they only sign for the number of cartons received.
  • Where the customer has returned goods at the cost of Flame Homeware, believing them to be unsuitable for sale but upon examination the product(s) is found to be sale worthy, we reserve the right to refuse to collect goods from follow on deliveries where the same claim is made.
  • Even if delivery has been made, property of the goods will not pass from Flame Homeware until the customer has paid the price (plus VAT) in full (i.e. that the funds have cleared into Flame Homeware's bank account) and that no other sums of any kind are owed by the customer to Flame Homeware.
  • Until Property in the goods passes to the customer as per the above, the Customer will hold them on a fiduciary basis as baillee for Flame Homeware. They should be identified and stored in such a way to be identifiable as being separate from other supplier's goods.
  • The customer may sell the goods, which are still the property of Flame Homeware, at full market value in the normal course of their business, although until Flame Homeware is paid in full the Customer shall deal as principal and the entire proceeds of the sale will be held in such a way as to be identifiable as being Flame Homeware's money. Flame Homeware will be entitled to recover the Price (Plus VAT) even if property of the goods has not passed from Flame Homeware.
  • Until property of the goods has passed from Flame Homeware to the Customer, on request from Flame Homeware the Customer will make any goods not sold available for delivery to Flame Homeware. If the Customer does not do this, then Flame Homeware may enter the premises owned, occupied or controlled by the customer where the goods are and repossess the goods. On the making of such a request, the rights in the previous paragraph will cease.
  • The customer is not entitled to pledge or use the goods, which are the property of Flame Homeware as security for any indebtedness. Without prejudice to the other rights of Flame Homeware, if the customer does so then any monies owed by the Customer to Flame Homeware become immediately due and payable.
  • The Customer will keep the goods insured to the full Price against all risk until the date that the property of the same passes from Flame Homeware to the Customer. Without Prejudice the other rights of Flame Homeware, if the Customer does not do so then any monies owed by the customer to Flame Homeware become immediately due and payable.
  • Our products are designed in-house and are copy-righted. In order to protect our existing retailer partners, any importer, wholesaler or retailer found to be selling copies or passing off any of our designs will be pursued to the full extent of the law.
  • Credit information is stored and we may share this information with other bodies for monitoring and administration purposes.
  • Any order cancellations must be made in writing. Should a customer wish to cancel an order after the goods have been delivered, a charge of 30% of the invoice value and delivery costs will be made.