No minimum order and carriage paid on orders over £400 net (Non Fragiles to UK Mainland)

About Flame Homeware

Launched in 2002, Flame Homeware is now one of the UK's fastest growing giftware importers. Our buying team visit the Far East every 6 months in search of new and exciting products as well as meeting with our manufacturers to discuss our new in-house designs.

Buying from Flame is a bit different:

  1. Agents - We have no agents so this saves you their 15% commission.
  2. Costs - We have one of the lowest overheads in the industry and we pass these savings onto you.
  3. Exclusivity - Our aim is to have one authorised stockist per town, which means we don't supply wholesalers or other middle men.
  4. Ethical - The majority of our ranges are now from ethically audited factories.
  5. Environmental - We continue to keep the packaging to a minimum on all our products.
  6. Accounts - Our credit control is firm and fair so we have little bad debt which helps keep your prices low.
  7. Delivery - Outside of show times we usually ship within 72 hours of receiving your order.
  8. Booking-in - We book in all deliveries prior to shipment.
  9. Service - We are a family run business and we try very hard to give honest, friendly and prompt service. 
  10. Independents - We are proud to supply independents. Last year we refused to supply the 3 largest supermarket chains. The largest garden centre chain and the largest card chain in the UK.

The Team


Name: Michael Boote
Started: From Day 1
Job Role: MD
Likes: Skiing, football, my dog Bali.
Dislikes: Rudeness, poor customer service, merchant bankers.
Perfect day: Sunny, Fresh Snow, on a pair of skis and mountain restaurant coming into view!
Replace as required
Name: Dawn Bradley
Started: From Day 1
Job Role: Buying
Likes: Travelling, parties, being a mum, chocolate, films, and wine.
Dislikes: Robson Green, Americanisms, dieting.
Perfect day: Waking up and wandering out on a sunny beach, going for a long walk with my little girl & fiancée . Getting back for a big slap up (vegetarian) meal, having a few drinks, watching a film, having a dance and going to bed in the open air.
Name: Brian Thomason
Started: From Day 1
Job Role: Distribution Manager
Likes: Motor biking, walking, dining out, holidays.
Dislikes: Negativity, British weather.
Perfect day: Waking up next to my wife on race day at the British Moto GP. Walking down to the circuit, spend over 5 hours watching the best riders in the world racing. Then finish off by riding my bike back home.
Replace as required
Name: Debra Boote
Started: 2004
Job Role: Buying
Likes: My dogs Bali, walking on the beach/in the woods with Bali, skiing (not with Bali).
Dislikes: Cold, windy days, ice cream, arrogance.
Perfect day: A day's skiing in the sunny Swiss Alps with apres ski involving mugs of hot wine and chocolate. Followed by a slap up dinner with friends and a board game with lots of laughter and a good bottle of red! (Mentioned wine a lot here didn't i?!)
Replace as required

Name: Kate Messum
Started: 2012                                                                                          
Job Role:
Buying Department
Likes: Marley my lovely little Cavapoo puppy, cocktails, wine , good food (well mainly chocolate!) , spending time with family and friends and travelling the world to new and exciting places.                              
British Weather                                                                   
Perfect day:
To get on a plane and travel somewhere tropical and exciting. Then spending the day sight seeing and sunbathing, then to have a fabulous meal on the beach (with lots of cocktails!) and then to dance the night away !


Name: Katie Trevorrow
Started: 2007
Job Role: Sales                                                                                  
Likes: Shopping, partying, singing and going to gigs. Also love BBQ's & beer especially when the summer is here!!! Looking after my beautiful Nieces Ava & Annie.                                                                       
Cold Blustery days, rude arrogant people and heavy metal music.                                                                                                
Perfect day: To jet off on a private jet with my mum and sister and all my friends to Milan for an all expenses paid shopping spree, after go for a lovely spa and treatment, After we are all relaxed and looking fab in our new clothes, with our hair and make-up done go to a top hotel where we will be whisked off our feet and be wined and dined for the evening.

Replace as required

Name: Angela

Started: 2009
Job Role: Designer
Likes: Hot sunshine and summer days, Manchester City, country walks with a good pub at the end.
Dislikes: Being cold.
Perfect day: Flying out to Barcelona and staying at the Hotel Arts, sipping cava by the pool. Rounding the day off with a fabulous Spanish meal with fresh seafood and a walk on the beach.

Name: Jackie Ryall
Started: 2009
Job Role: Accounts Payable
Likes: Salsa dancing, the elderly, dining alfresco.
Dislikes: People that moan, spiders.
Perfect day: Coming into work and all my customers paying their accounts on time - going home to dinner on the table and a bottle of wine.
Name: Lynn Gray
Started: 2012
Job Role: National Sales
Likes: Spending time with the family, good food, photography, shopping, holidays and spending time with my dog Flipper.
Dislikes: Rainy weather, traffic jams, slugs, they scare me.
Perfect day: To get on a plane and travel somewhere new with my family and friends! Then have a lovely meal and cocktails in the sun and then to dance the night away!
Name: Janet Ayers
Started: 2013
Job Role: Accounts Payable
Likes: Italian and Spanish Food, Red Wine,Freddie Flintoff, Cricket and Trotty (my lovely cat).
Dislikes: Not winning the cricket.
Perfect day: A bottle of wine and watching us win Cricket in the sun!
Name: Ceri Milner
Started:2014                                                                                                                          Job Role: Retail Operations
Likes: Declan Donnelly, socialising, laughing, chocolate, wine and holidays.
Dislikes: Rudeness, Marmite and Thunder Storms.
Perfect day: Somewhere hot and sunny, possible the Caribbean, chilling by the pool and having drinks with all my family and friends. Then having a beach party/BBQ long into the night!
Replace as required
Name: Lee (Leeroy) Silvester
Started: 2013
Job Role: Warehouse
Likes: Food with the odd exception, Sports, football (Man City), Gym, Socialising with friends, Staying Positive and making memories!!!
Dislikes: Oily Fish!!!! Urgh!!!! My phone battery running out at 4am when I am miles away from home. Taxi companies who don’t turn up but claim they did. The speed my beard grows!!!                                                
Perfect day:
My perfect day would consist of waking up fresh and early, starting with a mega breakfast then taking part in some sort of activity, hopefully it’s a nice day!!! Afternoons out with friends playing sports or watching the football suits me just fine and in the evening I enjoy dining out or having a good night out with friends, you’ll find me on the dance floor somewhere!!!! Happy Days!!!